Choosing Your Glazing

If you are planning a new building project, you will be looking at new windows, doors or other glazed elements to let in the light, provide adequate ventilation and perhaps to frame a panoramic view.

Tips for glazing

CN Glass' Top 5 Tips:

1. Get a glazing specialist in at the start of your project to offer their advice on glazing at the design stage

It is important to think about orientation and layout as well as the style and specification for the building to create a home that’s enjoyable to be in and provides the right space and atmosphere for your lifestyle.

2. Be realistic with your budget and expectations of costs for windows and doors

As a rule of thumb, the cheapest material is basic white UPVC, followed by aluminium and with the most expensive being timber From there, adding colours, specialist finishes and technical glass options can mean that the budget will need to be adjusted, possibly increased. So like all things, you get what you pay for. It’s worth selecting a first-class product in whatever material you choose, and you will be rewarded with low maintenance and long life. Go cheap on the frame profile of a window and door and the product could let you down in many ways. Make thorough investigations and make fair comparisons of the products available.

3. Where do the windows and doors need to be positioned for best use of your home

Think about how you will use the rooms and the space. Do you need light from above provided by a rooflight? Does a door have to hinge on the right or the left to work with the room layout? A low threshold on a door will help with access and also to provide a seamless transition from inside to outside on sliding and bi-folding doors. What is the best view for a window?

4. A south facing elevation is not necessarily the best choice and a glass roof requires ventilation

A room could result in being rather too hot if you get the glazing specification wrong and roof glazing can attract an abundance of insects on a warm and sunny days, so let them out and ventilate the warm air out too with an opening rooflight and a rain sensor.

5. Security, energy efficient glazing and privacy matters

Plan in your budget as well as your design to invest in all matters of security and performance for windows and doors. Insist on the best locks and other hardware available by looking for the Secure by Design logo. Ask about technical glass and inert gases to provide for the best glazing options for your windows and doors. They will be able to advise you on energy efficient glass, safety glass and much more that can be achieved.