Double Glazing for Schools


Double glazing for schools, colleges and university building projects that are undertaken by CN Glass range from a simple emergency glass repair through to larger-scale installations of windows and doors. We can:

  • Complete projects during holiday windows
  • Meet the required safety and security needs
  • Improve energy efficiency, reducing bills
  • Manage classroom temperatures
  • Decrease noise
  • Meet regulations with toughened and safety glass

Out of Term Time

Often the work must be completed out of term time to reduce unnecessary risks to other people on the site. We appreciate the importance of carefully planning the work schedule and efficiently project managing all installations to bring the completed job in on time and on budget, with no problems or issues.


Double Glazing In Schools

We have a firm belief that the right windows and doors can make a considerable difference when it comes to the learning experience for both children and adults. The right double glazing can ensure that students benefit from a safe and peaceful platform for their education.  Our double glazing service provides a number of key benefits, detailed below.

  • Safety and security

A lot of establishments, especially older schools, do not meet the required safety and security levels leaving them vulnerable to vandalism, theft, and break-in.  

We ensure that the chances of such a scenario are reduced dramatically.  We provide one of the safest and most secure solutions on the market and offer a range of different glass solutions for you to choose from.

  • Energy and heat efficiency

Investment in our double glazing can result in a healthier operational budget thanks to a more energy efficient establishment.  Our double glazing solutions can reduce heat loss through existing windows by up to 65%.  

This reduces heating costs, removes the requirement for additional heating sources and regulates temperatures within the learning environment, all enabling students to flourish.

  • Noise reduction

Our solutions can reduce noise levels by as much as 80 per cent. A noise-free classroom environment is essential to make sure students have the right environment for learning. Our windows and doors will help to lower distraction for pupils. This is especially the case in older buildings.


A Company You Can Trust

We recognise that you cannot afford to leave your double-glazing project in the hands of a company that does not have the necessary experience or qualifications.

Our experience, and the premium quality products that we use, allows you to have complete peace of mind that on completion of the project your educational establishment will meet the required health and safety regulations.

Our friendly team can help

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our friendly team can help. Call us 01295 263 364.

Compliance and Regulation

We will ensure, as an accredited safe contractor, that your school glass installation meets the required health and safety regulations.

Examples Of Our Work

We have a vast amount of experience in this area, providing glazing in schools and other educational establishments. To find out more visit our Case Studies.

Case studies include:

CN Glass | Custom Glass Suppliers and Glazing Contractors in Banbury
CN Glass | Custom Glass Suppliers and Glazing Contractors in Banbury

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It does not matter whether you are looking for double glazing for colleges, schools, universities, or any other type of educational institution, you can be sure that we will provide you with the premium quality service you are seeking.

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CN Glass | Custom Glass Suppliers and Glazing Contractors in Banbury


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CN Glass | Custom Glass Suppliers and Glazing Contractors in Banbury

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