Conservatory design and frame material

Which design?

The choice of designs is infinite, but nearly all are based on a few fundamental styles.

victorian conservatory


This has a ridged roof and a multi-faceted end wall creating a rounded effect.

edwardian conservatory


Here a ridged roof is combined with a rectangular base, giving the classical feel of the Victorian but with greater use of space.

lean-to conservatory


Also sometimes known as Mediterranean or sun-room, this is the simplest design, with a single-sloped roof and usually the longer wall adjoining the house. It is also a useful style for fitting into a corner.

edwardian gable conservatory

Edwardian Gable

The ridged roof meets a gabled end, resulting in very clean lines that suit many modern homes.

shaped conservatories

P-Shape, L-Shape, T-Shape, U-Shape

Combine any of the above and the choices take on a massive scope.

bespoke conservatories


You can also choose the bespoke option and create a truly individual design.

Aluminium doors

Off the wall

You can take the glass panels right to ground level or you can build low walls for the framed glass to sit on. For a Sunroom or Orangery design the corners of the building could be built to full height and have a glazed lantern roof system, it all depends on how elaborate, traditional or contemporary you want your conservatory to be.

A fully built and glazed extension can have large glass windows and doors with glass roof panels and lanterns built into the roof areas to provide a beautifully bright and sunny room.

Roof Design for Bespoke Shape Conservatory

Glazed Extension with interesting-feature-roof lantern

Glazed Extension with interesting-feature-roof lantern

Large Gable Conservatory

Which frame materials?

There are three main choices of frame materials.


This material incorporates thermal breaks for enhanced heat insulation, is a popular choice and is now available in a range of colours and finishes.


This is the most popular frame material with its long life expectancy and minimal maintenance, especially as nowadays a range of woodgrain-effect finishes combine the authentic look of wood with all the toughness of PVC-U.


A natural choice for people who like the real thing. Modern timber conservatories incorporate aluminium roof cappings to reduce maintenance.