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With the look of single glazing but the performance of triple glazing, LandVac Heritage Vacuum Glazing is the perfect glazing substitute for heritage restoration projects and conservation areas.

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LandVac Heritage
Vacuum Glazing

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Glazing Shapes

LandVac is available in a variety of shapes. Here are just a few examples to inspire your project:

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Width to Height maximum ratio 1:6 for 8.3mm. Bigger than that and it will be 10.3mm. Any shape with a right angle and single point of radius. Isosolese triangles or right angled triangles with a hypotenuse greater that 370mm.

CAD drawings must be supplied for any shape orders.

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General Criteria and Specification Notes

  • Maximum Unit Size 1500mm x 2500mm
  • Minimum Unit Size 300mm x 300mm. Please note that minimum unit size for pricing is 0.3m2.
  • All LandVac Glass is toughened and has been certified to BS12150-1.
  • U-value certified using hot box testing at IFT Rosenheim on 9.3 unit.
  • More on Vacuum Glazing

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