Installing Toughened Glass

– Pool Farm, Stratton, Audley Oxfordshire

This lovely open barn has been converted to provide a very nice venue for Rally Motor School events and wedding receptions.

We were asked to supply and install 10mm Toughened glass with polished edges and Stainless Steel fittings to enclose the long side to the barn with two fixed panes and a central opening for the entrance.

The glass had to be templated to provide the exact required shapes for the openings and holes for the door furniture were drilled prior to the Toughening process. The glass is Toughened for safety, so if the glass did break it will shatter into small dice. The approximate sizes for the glass panes are 2100mm x 2700mm so this was obviously going to require some careful team lifting and manual handling when it came to installing such large and heavy glass panes.

The glass fits into a Stainless Steel U channel and the doors have Stainless Steel furniture and fittings. Manifestations have been applied to make sure the glass is seen.

Toughened Glass

Fitting toughened glass to Pool Barn

Fitting toughened glass to Pool Barn. View from inside.

Fitting toughened glass to Pool Barn

View of the new glass from the outside.