Waste Management

CN Glass have made Improvements in Waste management with the aim to be more environmentally friendly by reducing the volume of materials sent to landfill. We will also therefore reduce the impact of the inevitable increases in landfill tax.

After investigating all available facilities for the disposal and recycling of generated waste materials we have made substantial improvements in our Waste Management Systems and as a result customers see a clean and tidy yard when visiting our premises.

CN Glass have introduced on-site segregation, dismantling of window units into Timber, PVCu Aluminium and other metals and recovered post consumer flat glass. All Cardboard, paper and plastic wrapping is baled by us ready for  recycling.
All of these materials are then collected by a licenced waste management processor for recycling.

An APB 20 portable compactor has been installed to compact all other waste for separation or for landfill by a licenced waste management processor.  Previously we have had a builder skip on site and all general waste was thrown into it then it was emptied once a week, the compactor is fully enclosed so that rubbish is no longer on view and it will crush all the general waste and generate a load of up to 10 tons that will be emptied every 5 or 6 weeks . When the compactor is full it is taken to a material recycling facility where the contents will be sorted for recycling where possible.

Typically the waste materials that are generated and recycled by the company are

Glass Cullett – This is clean new float glass purchased in large sheets and then cut down to customer’s requirements resulting in small off cuts.

This glass is returned to the manufacturer and goes through a remelt process to be made again into the large sheets of glass.

Recovered post consumer flat glass is unsuitable for the remelt  process but scrap flat glass is recycled into rolled glass and is used for fibreglass insulation and by the container glass industry.

Glass that has been processed by toughening or has wire embedded inside cannot be recycled.

Recovered post consumer PVCu frames and roofline materials are manually dismantled and recycled by reusing the granulated material.

Recovered post consumer timber frames are manually dismantled and segregated to be offered to the general public as firewood.

All metals are recycled whether it is Aluminium and Steel frames, lead or the handles and hinges.

• Environmental performance is becoming increasingly important and waste minimisation shows effective and efficient control of operations

• Customers are asking for proof of good environmental performance. Waste minimisation shows this and is a key part of any environmental management system.

• Employees know that materials and resources are not being wasted and can see that cost benefits make the company more competitive and safeguard their future.