Glass Products

Types of Glass

  • Float/ Annealed Glass
  • Toughened Glass
  • Laminated Glass
  • Energy Saving Glass
  • Technical Glass

  • Mirror Glass
  • Textured Patterned Glass
  • Decorative Patterned Glass
  • Heritage Coloured and Patterned Glass
  • Painted Glass

Glass is a beautiful material. It is versatile and functional. Architects, interior designers and consumers specify glass for many uses, because it lets light into your home, promises clear vision, and of course, it is easily cleaned. Glass processing transforms raw sheets of glass into high performance products.

By cutting, toughening, laminating, decorating or polishing and incorporating processed glass into sealed units, glass can now be used to provide safety, security, passive solar control, thermal and acoustic insulation. There are many different glasses available on the market today for all kinds of applications.

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The starting point is Float/Annealed Glass

This high quality, transparent flat glass is manufactured by floating molten glass on a ‘tin bath’ at an extremely high temperature. The glass is then gently cooled to enable cutting and further processing of the glass post manufacture. Float/Annealed Glass is the starting point for all other glasses to be manufactured and processed.

To obtain further information we have links to both Solaglas Glassolutions St Gobain Glass and Pilkington Glass websites