Triple Glazed Sealed Units

Expertly designed assembled and installed triple glazed windows will significantly reduce energy usage in a new dwelling.

At its most basic a Double-Glazed Unit will consist of two pieces of glass seperated by a spacer bar which denotes the thickness of the cavity. By using three panes of glass and two spacers we can make a Triple-Glazed unit. But to put things in context, a single-glazed window will have a U-value of 5.0W/m2, double-glazed will be between 2.2 and 1.2W/m2 and triple-glazed 1.0 to 0.6W/m2.

In a new build, installing double glazed windows is a must, but there is little point in triple-glazing unless you have super-insulated the rest of the house. Triple-glazing will cost about 20 per cent more than double-glazing and reduce the overall heat loss by about 5 per cent.